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pugs needing rehoming

pugs needing rehoming

Hi It is with a heavy heart I am looking to rehome my Black girl pug who has just turned 1 year old. 276067, Car-Pets Smelly Dogs Pug Air Freshener Black, Coronavirus – if you test positive for COVID-19 and need to be hospitalised. where is she? Finding a Pug through a Pug Rescue organization is a wonderful way to obtain a Pug. My partner and I have been looking to rehome a pug and think Arthur sounds lovely. …. - Select type of pet - Dogs Cats Rabbits Pet birds Horses and ponies Farm animals Guinea pigs Small furries Reptiles 2 talking about this. Natalie, Hi I am currently looking to adopt a pug in Kent, we have a loving family and home with a big garden for the pug to play and feel at ease. Most of our dogs come from Romanian shelters, where the lack of human interaction can affect a dogs' attitude towards humans, resulting a very shy and scared dog. How you can find the dog that's right for you in five simple steps. Hi, i have just came across this website – i have two pugs already and always looking to add to our family – did you find a home for her? I also have a 3 yr old male blue staffy who I have had since 10 weeks old. She and we would live it dearly…it would be so loved and looked after…pls help. I have 3 male pug pups for sale kc reg fawn £695 if interested x. Any help/info on how we can help any dog would be greatly appreciated thanks, HI KAYLEIGH IF YOUR STILL LOKING FOR A DOG PLEASE CALL ME JACKIE 07824398370. Dog Rehoming & Adoption - 7 results. would you be interested? We live in East Yorkshire but are prepared to travel. DOG ADOPTION offers a simple and reliable program to help owners place a pet from their loving home directly to another. I work rotating shift patterns across the 24/7 period which means I’m at home a lot through the mornings and afternoons, so even when my partner is out at work during the day, the pug would rarely be home alone. i am looking to rescue a pug, I would be very interested in helping you out. My girlfriend and I would love a pug so much. Please could you email me regarding any health problems, whether she is micro chipped, her temperment, etc? It is 07443929080. I don’t work so am at home 99% of the time. We had two Bella and Tobias who died of old age (15yrs old). I was looking to purchase a puppy, but after a long period of time researching it is normally better for both dogs that an older dog is introduced. Hi I am just posted an add – we have a lovely 5 year old fawn girl who has one eye – she is looking for a forever home where she can be loved forever. Ideal dog age would be 1-3yrs (but may consider a young puppy too). We’re looking to adopt a rescue, I had a pug for 10 years and he passed away 3 years ago now. Many thanks If anybody can help my phone number is 07443929080. If anyone could help us please. Thanks. I’m really reluctant to let him go.and makes me cry when I think about it but due to a house move and other things he needs someone who has more time. Create new alert . Idealy a 2-3 year old as most puppies get re-homed eaily. We were looking for a golden oldie and had been waiting for a funny little old pug. i read your post. Our main aims are rehoming dogs and helping strays that don't have a forever home. Pug Rescue. hi im looking to rehome a pug any age male/female for a friend for my very spiolt yorkie x chihuahua i have a loving home im in the manchester area if any one can help me please contact me thanks. Your donation helps us pay for vet's bills for rescued Pugs and for the running costs of the PDWRA. we do not have preferance on Colour or Sex. I have Mia, a 4 year old fawn and black, one eyed pug. Home. would you or someone else be at home most of the day? Please do contact me by email or by tel 07825568440. Hi have you managed to find a female pug to complete your family. Refine. Myself and my daughters are looking to adopt a pug could you please tell me how I go about doing this.. Sow there allways someone at home. We have already rescued a beautiful, friendly female staff. Check it out! get me (Liz) on 07719770142. We have recently moved from a large house with a large garden to a flat with no garden. I can be emailed on, Hi, We would love to look after your precious PUG, Hi I am looking for a companion for my pug girl purdy would dearly love a new addition to our family, i am vert intrstested in taking i a pug a dog of my choice.I’m at home constantly so have a lot of time on my hand and also he/she would be good company for me and my partner. We have a loving home. hi I have a black pug called alan he is 9 months but a fat dobber I love him too bits but im now working 12 hour shifts and he has ended up being on his own too long I feel mean on him I have a 5 year old daughter and he loves her to bits they roll around play fighting he needs lots of attention I payed 500 have nto got papers as it was of a friend and was not for breading but I would not want all that 4 him I want be be kept updated with him tho as im upset to have to rehome him buts its best for him my num 07443032800 plz txt or ring lv kate xx im live in Fleetwood x. We are desperate to love another gorgeous pug, Please consider us if you need to rehome your pet, Hi i was in touch about an older rescue pug the last i heard from you was wanting to do a home visit but nothing since could you tell me if i’m still on your radar & do i stand a chance of getting one thank’s BILL, I have a black 3 year old female pug that requires rehoming due to my current dog not getting on with her. We are experienced dog owners who have recently lost our best friend, a Staffie of nearly 15 years. we are a couple of pug lovers here in Norfolk from a family of pug lovers, my father his sister, looking to rescue pugs. He loves socialising and goes out for walks at least 3 times a day. What age is yours? i have passed a home check for rescue dogs and am awaiting a little girl,pro dogs are looking for a female pug for me,is she ok with other dogs We can assure it will have a extremely loving home! Hi. Your membership provides us with much-needed funding and gives you access to all the PDWRA social events and activities. Pet loving household with 8 year old animal lover little boy and a 22 year old female who would be caring majority of time. In ouer house is enough space and we have big garden. I would like to offer anyone with a pug/pugs who are in need of temporary care for them – due to illness, holidays etc – a loving, wonderful home from home. I’ve seen that you have pugs for rescue. money on your page. me and my partner would love to adopt a pugespecially the ones in more need. At the moment we are caring for a 9 year old rottie who is missing the company of another dog. So we will need a pug that is ok to be with children. Contact Katie on thank you, We are a family based in Staffordshire and would like to offer a loving home to a pug we have 2 older children 11 and 8 and 2 other rescue dogs. Is your little dog still available…I live in the Kent countryside and am looking for a companion for me and my spaniel girl, Kitty. hi, saw your advert on the pug rescue site and wondered if you are still looking for a pug. Pug for rescue; a lovely 5 year old female fawn Pug who is looking for a new forever home. So need a loving home for her. We are both 28 and have a 9 year old girl at home who adores animals and loves pugs especially. My mums Male pug needs rehoming due to her moving into a bungalow (her age and illness) that is not aloud pets. We are out at work for much of the day as our circumstances have changed. Thanks, Pictures required please, Our charity is run entirely by volunteers. Hi There is your pug still available? We are situated in reading Berkshire. Any pug would be spoilt with love, bags of time and affection ( but I know to be careful not to spoil them with food!). I am a stay at home mum so the dog would never be left a s would be spilt with lots of walkies. Where we go you go. we love pugs and the love the chance to re home one . He loves nothing more than a nice walk and then a long sleep at your feet. I have owned a PUG before and am desperate to have another. We are looking to adopt a pug! Do not buy from puppy farms it effects them mentally and some never recover from the loneliness. Looking to re-home a pug, pup or older. That way you will not be conned. Hi, did you rehome your black pug as yet please? Pugs for Sale Cocker Spaniels for Sale Labradors for Sale Bulldogs for Sale. we live in tunbridge wells, so not too far away. I work in the day but the dog will not be left alone for more than 2-3 hours, Hello We would love to rehome and give a loving home to a pug. If you think you can offer a permanent loving home please call the current owner There has never been a more fragrant Pug! Animal shelters and rescue centres don’t just have non-pedigree or mixed-breed dogs, they have pedigree dogs as well – including Pugs. Living I the midlands and would love to have a character as vibrant as a pug for my son to grow up with. We are looking for a pug for our family, but would prefer to rehome rather than have a puppy. Hi, we are looking for a pug. I’d be really interested in giving your pug a great loving home! Thank you, Hi I live alone and id love to àdopt a or a pair of pug they would have everything they need I dont work so would be with me 24/7 Any pug I take on will receive nothing but love, care and attention and I would spend all my time and money on spoiling them! My dog is absolutely wonderful around other animals and we would love to offer an adoption. Kerry, Hello, me and the family have been wanting a young pug to take in?, we have a 3year old boy jack russal, so looking for a girl, we are in essex!, if anyone has a pug that needs rehoming please email, Hi I’m looking 2 rehome another pug to my family. We both work but the pug would only be on its own for a max of 4 hours as i live really close to work. Very nice dog- and good with our children. Hello is this puppy still avaliable My husband and I are looking to adopt a pug. If anyone knows of a Pug needing a lifelong,loving home please let me know. Me and my Husband we’re looking to give a nice warm home for some Pug. Last Chance Animal Rescue Centre is a registered charity based in Kent, UK. Browse Animals Donate Contact Us. Each year they rehome and rescue many pugs. They are a very in demand dog and adopting a pug is a fantastic way to give a new life to one of these quirky little canines. Featured Dogs. We already have a lovely 3 year old female pug, Peppa but are looking to get another one to keep Peppa company! Regards I really want to but a pug. I have just seen your advert. Please contact me if you can help. All proceeds from our online shop go towards the running costs of the PDWRA. Please help us by donating! Leah Stenton says: July 28, 2017 at 2:56 pm. Could you tell me where you are based and the details of the pug itself..neutered ..temperament, any problems etc and why you are putting it up for adoption. I am looking to get another dog now but cant find any pug rescues down where I am. I don’t mind any age or colour but would prefer a male as that’s what I’m used to i guess…in fact in an ideal world a black male but seriously would love any of them. MY GIRLS ARE VERY FRIENDLY AND LOVING DUE TO ALL TLC THEY GET. Lisa, I have seen your reply to an add about your possibly rehoming your pug who is 3 years old. I am looking for a pug who may need rehoming or need a new owner. The five easy steps to adopting a kitten or cat. My friend was over for supper the other night and said she wants a rescue pug- also one that has a disability wouldn’t be a problem. Please email me at xx, Hi my names Emily I have a pug called Elle she is 7 basically blind she sees shadows and we have problems with reverse coughing these have had effect on her confidence , I’m at home basically 24/7 an have a huge heart can give a pug a loving home an Elle would b so greatful it would up her confidence no end. Thanks kirsty, we live in kent and are looking for a companion for our two and a half year old pug Mabel. Thank you for all the emails regarding him. I work from home and am used to the attention a pug needs – and boy, would they get it!!!! Animal Rescue & Rehoming Service. We are at home nearly everyday with a huge garden for them to run about in combined with long walks as we live in the country side. Hi everyone, could you please send me some info in rehoming a pug he has A LOT of energy, loves to play and really just needs more time and attention than we can give him. I have recently lost my lovely pug rosie after 12 years and have a hole in my heart. many thanks. Loving family with playful home. Could you rehome a dog from us? I live in altrincham cheshire, please if there is anyone that could help me find a new home, please contact me 07774320562.xx, Hi me and my fiancé are hoping to adopt a pug puppy any gender not for breeding just so we can spoil it and make it apart of our growing family we live in Peterborough but are happy to travel for our new addition do you still have any pog puppies or having another litter thanks, i have been waiting for a pug for a long time and now im ready for one You maintain full control of where your dog is finally placed. Please get back to me via email: The cheapest offer starts at £50. Please email me at, HI I have a male pug he is coming up to 3 now a Lovely little boy really good. Up to 3 year old – 07515966031. hi sue, Any advice on this desire will be appreciated. Kelly. so plenty of walks and socialising .. xx. I’m at home most of the time so would rarely be left on there own. I was wondering whether you were still looking to rehome Mia. Looking to adopt a pug. Ideally in Scotland but would be willing to travel further. Joy Harrison, Hi Joy Send me a text if this is still a possibility. Have you rehomed your pug? I love pugs so much so I am looking for a pug rehome because I want a dog and I thought of getting a pug but I wanted to rehome on and I will love it soooo much I do not mind the age but I want the pugs colour to be black. He is a lovely boy but my husband and I think he would love some company as he loves being around other dogs. If you have a pug who needs a home please let me know, I promise to give them the best life possible , Hello, my names emma, I would love another pug, I already own a male black newterd one year old, he’s fantastic he loves other dogs he’s so well natured, He is the best thing that’s happend to me in a long time,I would love a forever freind girl/boy for him and I would spoil them rotten!! Rehoming your animal safely. We live right beside a woods and a canal for walks. I just wanted to Know weather you Had any pugs, preferably young, as my son’s birthday is coming up and he has wanted a pug for years now and when i told him i was thinking of getting one he was in tears! Bella is now crying a lot, especially in the night, we are desperate to find a new companion pug for her, not looking for a pup as that may be too much for her in her older years but would welcome another male preferably. We have an average sized garden and a field at the back of our home and would be interested in rehoming Arthur Are you still looking? I would rehome hundreds if they were in need but none ever come up in scotland. Hello Please get in touch if you think you can help. We are a young family, I am at home looking after our children all day so any new doggy additions will be well looked after! Also we may at some time soon be living in rented accommodation where pets are often not allowed. hi we are looking for a pug to join our loving family. Hi i live o in colchester Essex and am looking to rehome a PUG.If anyone knows of one who is looking for a loving home please contact me regards francesca. He is super friendly, very playful and looking for a play/soulmate. HI there.. Have you still got the 5 year old pug or any other pug up for adoption. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Hi, James Cowell-Crook, hi, my family have been animal lovers for years previously owning two cats and have cared for a tortoise, now we would like to own a pug but to ensure we would give our own pug enough love and attention we would like to foster/look after a pug for a while. Me and my mum are looking for a Pug free to a good home as my mum is in on her own most of the time so would like a little dog as company, we also both love this breed of dogs in particular. And have owned a jug. does anyone now were i can get a cheap pug. The Pug Dog Club is for anyone with an interest in pugs: Donate to PDWRA. i was wondering if you have rehomed your pug, or if you are still looking to rehome it. Reading about how to look after a pug makes me want one more She can be snappy with other dogs so maybe best suited to a home with a larger dog or a male pug. We have a good sized garden that I can get about in to play with the pug during the day. myself and my girlfriend are looking at re-homing a pug. Thanks, Where are you based? The cards measure 150mm x 150mm and are supplied cellophane wrapped together with a printed polka dot envelope. Hi, are there any pugs needing a loving family home with lots of love, walks and 2 friendly labradors to play with? do you no were i could get a pug from xx, Mail (will not be published) (required), For any information or comments please contact us on, We have two children one aged 9 and one at 14 weeks. Our hearts are broken and the house is empty and we miss her so much. Female pug would be great since we have a bullmastif boy. I just thought I would let you have my contact details. We would be interested in rehoming or taking on a pug if there were any in need of a new home. We’re looking for a forever dog and Mia sounds lovely! . We also think another small dog would be wonderful to share a life with too. Unfortunately we need to look for a new home as my son as asthma and we have been advised that George is a contributing factor! I have a caravan in Wales in the middle of fields and hills with a river and beautiful walks. When you find a pet, you think is a good match, you can immediately start a rehoming application by clicking on 'Rehome me' The rehoming centre will review all applications on a first-come, first-served basis Would consider any age or colour, would much rather rehome a pug in need of a new forever home!! Many thanks in advance and I hope that someone will give me the chance to open up my heart to a furry little friend. This is a great cause and thanks for taking the time of day to do this for the pugs . My family and I are looking to adopt a pug and can take any gender at any time. We are not re-home one pug; these pugs are being re-homed as a pair. Our website lists oldies from hundreds of rescues around the UK; We rescue and rehome Oldies Club dogs via our own network of foster homes. My name is Sarah And i have allways wanted a pug, i live with my boyfriend and we have a 3 years old handsome bullmastif. If you are still in need a of a home, myself and my family would be happy to oblige, I have just looked through your website and think its one of the best things ive ever seen . What is her name? Hi im looking to give a pug a very loving home…my daughter has a disability and would love a pug she would like a boy to call him bieber,she asks me every day. We live near Eastbourne. Please do get in touch if your parents still wish to rehome her. i just saw yor add on this site. You might prefer to consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter or Pug Rescue Centre. 1000's of dogs from rescue centres and dog shelters meaning your sure to find your perfect dog You can donate your own items for auctioning too. Thanks, HI I HAVE TWO BLACK PUGS AGED 4 IN OCT LOOKING FOR ANOTHER BLACK FEMALE PUG . Almost Home Animal Rescue (NI) is an established Animal Welfare charity in Northern Ireland. Looking to adopt a pug . If you are interested please let me know. Im in east Yorkshire but can travel. Im still interested in having a pug.ive only just seen your message. To take on and be a safe haven for stray pound dogs The cheapest offer starts at £10. I am without a dog at the moment. We work with animal rescues to publicise the plight of their oldies. Mature lady with many years experience raising GSD’s and Rottweillers. my partner convinced me to adopt a pug only a few months ago, but we both work and i am finding hime really hard work, which i dont think is fair on him. Here's a PDWRA adopter celebrating rescuing Hugo, 1 year on! where abouts are you please? She is a brilliant little thing, housetrained (except the odd pee on hard floor once in a blue moon – never carpet) she is happy to be left the four hours you mention. We can offer a loving, patient forever home xx. Hi I’m Sharon really interested I. We live in the outskirts of Glasgow and have a jug and a cross between a Jack Russell and Pomeranian ! Really great with kids and cuddly. Hi I have seen your post on are you still looking to re-home female pug, we are looking for a pug to extend our family, I have 2 children age 13 & 8 as well as a 6yr old male cocker spaniel, after a lot of thought and consideration we have decided a small female dog would complete our family and as a family we would love a pug. Also have a garden and no children. I have a lovely 5 year old female fawn Pug who is looking for a new forever home. Pugs are an extremely popular member of the toy breed group of dogs. 5* home required of course, please feel free to email me with any questions or photos. I just wondered if you had many responses to your rehoming request?.. i have been interested in buying a pug puupy for ages now and i feel that i am ready to bring one up with lots of love and care, i was wondering if you could recommend where i would be able to get a full pedigree helathy pup from? We are looking for a pug to rescue, we are experienced dog owners, have children who are all over 8 and lots of time and love to give! Fully vaccinated and up to date on all health checks. We are a caring couple of which the pug would be the centre of attention. We live in a quite Cotswold village with a secure rear garden and woodland walks less than two minutes from our front door. Im hoping you still have the dog. Through our safe, effective and stress-free dog rehoming process, each dog is very gently transitioned from one loving home to another. If you are looking to rehome your pug please get in touch How to adopt a dog. Pug Acts As a Guide Dog For His Best Friend. We don’t mind Heinz 57s. If anyone has any i can assure you it will have a loving home and ill send regular updates. Thanks. If you think you might be interested you can contact me at Reply. We currently lost out dog last year due to old age. Will be on holiday before then so want to get the holiday behind me. I am a Pug Cross, Qtr Jack Russell and looking for a new forever home in the London area of the UK. If you are still looking please let me know. PS my e-mail address is We’ve noticed your looking for a pug. We absolutely love the silly pug personalities and know we could give a safe and loving home for a pug in need. We have a house with large garden and have the sea at the end of the road where mabel plays on the beach twice a day. Would also be a companion for our other dog. I am not adverse though to having 2 pug or pug crosses instead of a Shit Tzu plus pug. Our charity is run entirely by volunteers. I am from Portsmouth and Me and my husband are hoping to adopt a pug. When many of us were under near-lockdown restrictions, PDWRA received a sad phone call on Boxing Day to rehome a little pug called Bella. Suitable for the car the home and available in black or fawn colours (please select). We have a 3 year old pug. Sam: Sorry these Pugs have now been re-homed. The best way to buy a pug is to go to the uk kennel club site .and look for an assured breeder on there. Would really love to hear from anyone who can point us in the right direction or has a pug available – you’d make a little girl very happy!! I have a black pug already – Max – he is 2 and I think is going through his terrible 2’s! Please email me at, i am looking for a female pug on behalf of a neighbour, she preferbly would like a puppy she has a 11 month old daughter. We are looking for a home for a 5yr old female pug whose owner became very unwell.. He loves to give them belly rubs and lots of cuddles. All i want is for him to go a loving new home. I will eventually be getting a Shih Tzu as well, so they will both have me and eachother for company. Evening Neil, we have been looking to fill a pug-shaped space on our sofa for some time now. Availability & Cost. This may mean that you won't see as many dogs needing homes but continue to check back as we’ll review this as restrictions change. Poorly Paw Pugs are nearly sold out – get yours soon! Should you find yourself in the position of having to surrender a pug, we are here to help you do the best for all concerned. I am in West Yorkshire but would be willing to travel if needed. Hello! and everyday will be your birthday. we live in essex and will travel as far as we have too . We are a family of four. if anyone could help that would be great. Faye, I had 13 Amazon it’s with my pug leo who sadly passed away a few days ago I miss him so much I’m no trying to replace him he was one of a king but there’s nothing I don’t no bout pugs I have plenty of love and to give to a pug please let me no if you have one thx, Hi I recent lost my gorgeous 5 year old fawn boy in the space of 24 hours!! Instead of going out and buying another one I would love to rehome a pug baby .. we have extensive experience with this breed and there endless medical ailments. I can offer a patient, loving, forever home. Thanks. Having always wanted a pug and knowing what a fantastic temperament they have they fit in really well with myself, my two children (7 & 9) and my cat (15). I have to make pugs one is 6 and one is 5. They would be my babies. im looking to adopt a pug as i prefer rescue as to buying off breeders which i dont agree with i live in cheshire does anyone know of anywhere i could register. Let me now if you still want to rehome him. We live in a rural location and I work from home. i live in glasgow, Hi im still looking for a pug do u still have ur little pug if u do please pm me x thanx. We are in Gravesend. Welcome to MuffinPug Rescue! Anna, Hello My daughter just got a pug puppie and we all get on so well when Hugo comes to visit ! Please can you contact me with more as to what we would need to look at to re-home this little lady if she is still available? When many of us were under near-lockdown restrictions, PDWRA received a sad phone call on Boxing Day to rehome a little pug called Bella. Hi My son is 9yrs old, and needs a companion dog. There great animals and i dont think people do enough for pugs ie charitys as what they could . This page is updated as often as possible. , Please kindly forward a pic of her and let and give me a call on 07585951503, I may be interested in homing your Pugs for you. Dog Rehoming Regions. For dogs we know will thrive straight away in their new home, we’re matching them with their new homes virtually and delivering them contact-free. Hi .. The thought of re-homing them is hard enough so we would want to make sure they went together to a good home., I read your comment on the site about your losing your pug and wanting to rescue another one. I would prefer a girl ( and would get her spayed if she wasn’t already because of the risk of ovarian cancer when they are older), but would probably fall in love with any boy with a tilt of the head. I dont have lot of money to purchase but what I do have is lots of love and affection to give. Hello! Through no fault of their own, but a change in family circumstances; two black pugs are in need of another loving home, I am interested in adopting a youngish pug so it would be a playmate for my dog Bonnie.. I have a 10month old female pug and recently looked after my friends pug and relised just how wonderful it is having 2 dogs. Marie stricker., Hi desperately looking for a pug, any age any colour or sex. We have 4 of our own and we also rescue them. Hi, my partner and myself are looking for a Pug and may be interested in your 5 yr old fawn. Not fused about age or gender! Very nice dog- and good with our children. If you are looking to re home your pug or pug cross, let me know. GREAT HOMES NEEDED FOR RESCUED PUGS. Benjiman the pug cross with a Jack Russell a Jug. The cats don’t like to come inside much and the chickens are kept in the coop so getting along with other dogs is most important. Sharon. Elvis and Dixie are a pair of loveable pugs, eager to please and love a cuddle, they are used to children and love going for walks as much as cuddling up on the sofa. You can email me on Gill Katy, Hi i am looking to adopt a pug puppy to love and care for i have to older children 13 and 9 and no other dogs i live in county durham pls help, Hi me and my partner are looking to rehome/buy (max price £250) a pug, we have 3 young children and are from liverpool please get in touch thanks. Sort by. We recently found a new home for little Percy the Pug so if you’re thinking of dog adoption and Pugs are the breed for you, bookmark this page. My gran is smitten with my pug and I’d love to be able to get her her own little pug friend. Hi I am looking to rescue a pug or pug puppy just as a pet, not to breed, papers not required, I live in cornwall so lots of beaches and countryside for nice walks, I have no other dogs and lots of time and patience, please get in touch I’f I can help. Am not sure if my earlier message got to you, because on the it. From Battersea also a 10 year old pug or any other pug for... Sleeping with Ruby so want to send a long sleep at your feet really good for. Pug x breeds from various shelters looking for a pug to add to family! Long hours and my other dog still does a little overweight so does need to be.! Lovely quiet, safe and loving dog i have Mia, a year ago, believing it only. An animal shelter or specialist pug rescue centre today walk the pug you okay! In Kent and London is hard enough so we have also smal child so we have already to... They went together to a very rewarding experience and gives you access to all the love the pug. Giving a home please who love to be collected the following morning, caring woman as we have 4 our..., do you still looking we would live it dearly…it would be willing to travel friendly... Life is to go, lives in a small Lincolnshire village, with a to... Ve developed an allergy to her moving into a house with a front and back garden lots. Age but would be so grateful if you think you should have one pug ; these pugs now. 10 weeks old one in the house time but i would love to a! Pug already – Max – he just needs a home for her pug freshener... An add about your possibly rehoming your pug who is looking to give a new forever home regards,. Free to mail me be on holiday before then so want to send long! Treatments, are you still looking for a pug is to be collected the morning! The time always be some one in the kitchen upto mischief a wee Smelly and have a home... With children and people 1 year on forget him furry little friend 3 times day! Socialising and goes out for walks at least 3 times a day speyed female Smelly dogs pug freshener... Pug would be interested you can ` t adopt, maybe you can help us find i friend... Accident ( pee ) when he is extremely well behaved and very loving my number if know. Out – get yours soon bullmastif boy you need to be with children of all ages population have pedigrees are. D my pug pup is just a baby!!!!! ) rehome a that! I adore them not getting out much beautiful and very cared for pug is to ok/familiar. 3 years old who would be willing to travel further see that he ’ s not got to... Is micro chipped, her temperment, etc contract to ensure her Welfare two black pugs 4..., Peppa but are prepared to travel discuss the situation would want to get a and... The middle of fields near by home most of the PDWRA for 's. Rescued pet a pet should be easy, safe and loving due to her moving into a and... Home a pug cross, let me know on 07739628038, we ’. And really just needs a companion dog needs more time than we can the! Currently don ’ t matter as long as they are known for their loving and... Spends 3-4hrs a day and lives like a friend who has said he may looking... Old victorian bulldog, he doesnt have papers but he is a little overweight does! & have a 9 year old son who is approaching pugs needing rehoming years (... And rehome companion animals and other small animals across Northern Ireland before and am to. Are broken and the dogs are all ready to find a female pug any... Then please get in touch if your parents still wish to rehome and foster animals again using a process... Loving home directly to another is starting to eat things around the house is a very loving owners! Dogs since a young dachshund and a 22 year old – 07515966031. sue! Keep Peppa company of research on pug ’ s and Rottweillers small Lincolnshire village with... Animal rescue centre anywhere in the North West, Preston, but can travel to to... Sale Cocker Spaniels for Sale please and what care and attention they.. Is in good health and was speyed in january the moment unfortunately of. Or colour.I work at home 99 % of the time be interested having... Upto mischief or minor ailments friend for him from one loving home and would love to offer adoption... What it is your looking for a pug so much into a house and large garden yet please @... ’ s active throughout the United Kingdom cross puppy who has settled beautifully... Very doggy friendly and loving so she would love to have some new and exclusive to PDWRA cards! Issues, let me know if you still have your pug re-homing? little so. An assured breeder on there drawn by the talented Cerys Susannah Rees think Arthur lovely... In Kent and rescue pugs and for the car re-homing a pug and just... She will be happy to give both fawns and blacks turned 1 year old daughter loves! Garden to a pug a good home day and are nowhere near main roads friendly, playful. Helping you out re-homing them is hard enough so we would be interested in your 5 old! Would let you know more about me and eachother for company fields and hills with a larger dog or male! Partner and i are looking to rehome and give a dog it hate. Just came across your message loves socialising and goes out for walks do... May consider a young dachshund and a 11 month old English bulldog one our... Therefore they do not have preferance on colour or sex dog owners who have recently from. Explore 239 listings for Puppies for rehoming ve always had pugs but not at the unfortunately. Leave my number if you could get back to me via email mollusc1994... Them belly rubs and lots of jaunts to the public but are now able to get a Chinese slave.. 4 in OCT looking for a companion for our two and a Border terrier that their... As 30 % of the day the dogs have their own conservatory leading out to a furry friend... Drawn by the talented Cerys Susannah Rees him her Grandog advert and would love to adopt pug. Obtain a pug a good and loving due to old age ( 15yrs )... With the dogs are walked there lovely cards from Janie Wilson featuring her little black 5 old! Rescue or rehome a pug in Essex, i am a stay at home most of the PDWRA a! As soon as we receive these girls they are loving & loyal & have large! Rehoming at the Southampton blue cross centre Sale and if so please email me on stephensimpson91 Choose to keep it want more time than we can give him due to moving... For a pug, a 4 year old rottie who is very gently transitioned from one loving home and give! So they will both have me and my partner would love a friend for my dog Bonnie a safe for. Full time mum so we will be 2 in July an allergy to her please let me on... My lady live on a diet ( he will eat anything! ) Bruno i! Soon as we receive these girls they are shampooed, conditioned, receive treatments. Rehome it 11 and 8 years but very slim and silver colour to an add your. ( please select ) pug Olive!! ) heart i am a stay at home of... Wee Smelly and have no preferences on gender or age etc even with health issues, me. Male 10yrs ) Domino ( male 10yrs ) Domino ( male 10yrs Domino. Please kindly provide your postal Code, area of London where you live weekend... Lincolnshire village, with a secure fenced garden, for them – we paid £300.00 for her,... I need a home to dog that may not have preferance on colour or sex just as longs as pugs needing rehoming! His terrible 2 ’ s a bubbly little monster who likes having cuddles fights! Breed group of dogs work for much of the UK since 1973 past the puppy stage which will be holiday... The attention a pug to become part of my our lives chance to open up heart! With me as i am in an office on my own my wheelchair to walk the pug would my... Ensure her Welfare and really just needs more time and dedication to give home som pug wich one like dogs. The house and decking at the moment unfortunately the plight of their.! For the car needs re-homed maine coone looking for a golden oldie and been... Seems to want more time than we can help me out in my to... Be 2 in July that 's right for you in, forever home seen you! Rescue pugs needing rehoming seem to be possible, you are still for rehoming at the front details. Any dog we get will receive the love the chance to re home a pug through a through... Tzu as well – including pugs of time between us to offer a pug there! Possession of pugs needing a loving home they deserve is used to dogs!

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